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Haunted Places in PA

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The Haunted places that i know about in PA. *yeah i enjoy this stuff*

Altoona (Horseshoe Curve)-in the tunnel if you flash your lights three times and shut everything off you can hear people laughing and shadows of people walking beside your car.
Altoona (Lakemont Park)-At the completion of the roller coaster a Maintenance worker was killed by a coaster car during a test run. To this day people say they see him working on the track while they are riding the roller coaster.
Granville (Malta Home)-it is said that back in the 1880's a maintenance worker killed all of the residents on the fourth floor and hid the bodies in the attic. now it is said that you can hear the residents roaming the grounds around the surrounding village of Granville moaning and searching for families that once lived in the surrounding homes.
Harrisburg (Harrisburg East Mall-Former JC Pennys-empty store that was formerly J.C. penny's at the Harrisburg east mall. Night security guards were known to see the images of a person on the stores roof and the image of a human looking from the glass doors. Many times during security checks inside the building, you would hear noises and get the feeling that you were being followed and watched, as if you were being "breathed" on also feelings of dread are common. During one occurrence in the summer, two of the security guards hit a cold spot inside the store and no air conditioning was on. Alarms would go off for no reason, lights would be turned on and off that were on motion sensors. Just a lot of creepy stuff. It was also reported to by a local detective and confirmed by a former employee that a person killed himself in the store and another person died of natural causes inside the store. The detective the information came from bought the gun the person used to kill himself from the family. The store still sits empty today.
Hershey (Hersey Park)-The Park at night can be a very scary place. The carousel turns on by itself in the middle of the night and is a mysterious maintenance worker who works on the Commet roller coaster. He was a victim of a freak accident at the roller coaster. It is also said that the ghost of Hershey himself roams the park to keep an eye on things.
Hershey (Hotel Hershey)-Sightings of Mr. Hershey and doors opening and closing. The sound of foot steps in the old wine cellar. Strange noises and sounds.
Lewistown-Burnham-Caves in the Woods-There were two men shot to death and hidden in one cave a long time ago and they are supposed to haunt it, the `ther one is on the other side of town and is said to be haunted by a boy who was hit by a car riding his bike and was hid in there.
Lewistown-The Gables-There are ghost in the kitchen that like to move furniture and other things around
Lewistown-Junction Fire Dept.-It is said that a man hung himself in the Engine room of the fire company and you can see him there and hear him gasping for breath before he disappears. The meeting room has had things move for no reason at all. You can hear kids running around the lounge when it is quiet.
Lewistown-Sand ridge Road-(Ferguson Valley)-When at the old Jewish Cemetery on the ridge, moans and screams can be heard when German is spoken, or even not! Visitors seem to hear the pain and agony of those resting eternally there.
McVeytown-Mifflin County-Reports of floating lights in the cemetery
Pine Grove-Old Mountian Road-Three babies were killed by the bridge. At night you can hear the babies crying for there mother. Place is called Three babes in the woods.
State College - The Lemont House - In the small town of Lemont (in state college), there are many large Victorian houses. At the first intersection, under the street there is a tunnel used by the under ground rail road and it connects to several houses. In the Lemont house (the tunnel begins here) there is said to be the ghost of a woman, who supposedly either died or killed herself when her husband died. The house was a present for her wedding and she was so heart broken she refused to live there. Her father built her another house down the street. There are many secret passageways etc.
Sugar Valley - The entire area - There are numerous hot spots in the whole of the valley from haunted houses, to a demon in the woods who has been felt by many and seen from the corner of the eye. A very menacing spirit he is. He resides in Loganton on top of a hill with a limestone face, in the woods. Never try to visit him alone.

Beaverdale - Heathers Pool Hall - not to long ago a girl was raped and murdered on the steps of the pool hall because of drugs and if you walk up those steps you will get a cold chill and you will walk away high.
Bensalem - Strayer College - formerly Eastern State School and Hospital - Rumored to be haunted due to unfair treatment and killing of patients. If you go into patients rooms the doors will slam shut and trap you in. When you walk down the halls you can sometimes see a figure fallowing you of a man. Mysterious 4th floor said to be life threatening and extremely haunted. If you go into the morgue its very cold and feels like theres a fan on you with no windows in site.
Bristol - St. James Episcopal Cemetery - There are many ghosts that haunt this place including a ghost of a witch. There is a chair that sits right next to the tombstone of Merritt P. Wright called the Witch's Chair. Legend has it that if you sit in the chair at midnight in the month of October, you will feel the hands of a witch encircling you.
Cumberland County - Shippensburg - Dykeman's Pond - There is a rumor that if you go to the house by the ponds and say "I Got Your Baby,. Mary three times a Woman will come flying out of the house chasing you and will be crying, "Please...Please...give me my Baby" and if you refuse she will try to Kill you... oh yeah if anyone goes there not to be funny but stay away from the ducks, THEY WILL BITE YOU!
Dushore - Sayman Road - Witnesses that travel this road and have seen hanging bodies on the side of the road when you flash your light on them they disappear also there were said to be sacrifices in these woods and you can hear unexplained noises throughout the woods
Easton - Papa Johns - The toilet flushes and no one is in the bathroom. The back door always opens. The oven is on in the morning but the managers made sure they were off the night before. A worker had his girlfriend hired and when she started working there she cheated on him with a couple workers the boyfriend found out and lost it and then he killed himself in the bathroom
Eckley - stone couch on side of road - story be told....sit on the couch once and you get a scratch....sit on it again and you bleed...sit on it the third and final time you die. bad luck comes to those that sit on this stone couch.
Erie - Axe Murder Hallow - The Legend says that A man chopped up his entire family with an axe because of his suspicions of his wife and a farm hand. A few years later a car with a young couple in it got stuck in the mud. The boy went for help and told his girlfriend to stay in the car. A while later the girl heard someone outside the car saying, "Get out." She stepped out in the pouring rain and saw her boyfriend hanging by his ankles with his throat slit. She tried to run for help, but a figure with an axe in his hand grabbed her.


There's alot more haunted places on there, I just put the most scary and the ones that are closet to me. If you want to see if there's anywhere haunted near you. Please visit.



Yeah i know, this doesn't really interest you but i wanted to put it in here so SHUT UP!